You may think that it is impossible to make a delicious cake without cream, dairy products, or milk.

Well think again, our online pastry shop allows you to order and receive in 48 hours all your favorite pastries and cakes and without any trace of milk, lactose or any dairy products.

Our pastry chefs have worked tirelessly to make recipes for the most popular French pastries such as croissants, pains au chocolat, pain aux raisins and of course, birthday cakes.

This will make people happy among the lactose allergic and lactose intolerant who constitute more than half of the world population, but also among the followers of a plant and vegetarian diet who refuses to consume products of animal origin either for reason. moral and ethical, or for health reasons.

Many studies show that reducing the consumption of animal products is beneficial for health by reducing the probability of the development of certain cancers but also of type 2 diabetes as well as the increase in blood cholesterol responsible for half of the heart attacks and cardiovascular problems.

The milk used in traditional and industrial creams and pastry products is often non-organic, meaning that it is likely to contain many hormones that allow cows to produce more milk.

Reducing the consumption of this kind of hormones is of course beneficial for health since they can disrupt the functioning of our natural hormones.

You are probably wondering how we can get an equally delicious ganache and cream to fill our cakes and pastries without using milk or dairy products.

Our pastry chefs have developed a recipe for ganache and dark chocolate filling from fair trade which contains an organic hazelnut cream, organic dark cocoa powder as well as an organic red bean cream that you can find in particular in some Asian and Japanese pastries such as mochis.

One of the explanations for the surprising longevity of the Japanese population is their low consumption of animal products since most of their pastries are filled with sweet red beans rather than creams produced with dairy products.

We have followed the example of our Japanese friends and our pastry chefs have found that preparing ganaches using these 100% plant-based ingredients has the same texture in the mouth and the same depth of taste as ganaches and fillings made with thick animal creams. .

We are one of the only pastry shops in Europe to offer 100% vegan, lactose-free and milk-free alternatives to the French favorite cakes and pastry and encourage you to place a first order to discover the recipes of which we are so proud.

You will not be disappointed !

Regarding the cross-contamination that worries most people allergic to lactose and casein, milk protein,

we want to assure you that we do not make any product containing milk and lactose in our workshops, this is to avoid any cross contamination.

Cross-contamination often occurs on the worktops and in the pastry robots of the workshops that make both products with and without lactose, which is not our case.

This lactose and milk allergy can manifest itself in a very violent way, it can lead to a visit to the emergency room, we are fully aware of this.

We therefore guarantee the total absence of milk, lactose and casein in our products and guarantee that they are suitable for consumption by people with allergies.