1 - In the first position, you guessed it, at Biogato.fr, we think we are the most able to help you organize a birthday party or a successful celebration by delivering you a gluten-free, allergen-free and adapted cake to the dietary restrictions of all your guests (vegan, lactose-free, milk-free, butter-free, egg-free, chemical-free).

Reasons to choose us for your birthday cake:

-Delivery throughout France in 48 hours (withdrawal possible in Goussainville)

-Vegan, organic, gluten-free, allergen-free cake and pastries (lactose, egg, nut free)

- large choice of models

2 - Yourgateau.fr is the second in this ranking, it offers many models at affordable prices, however, all the models of cakes offered on the vosgateau.fr site are decorated by printing using edible inks.

The votre gateau .fr site unfortunately does not offer a cake decorated with sugar paste figurines and chocolate and meringue elements.

A second aspect that people with allergies may not appreciate is that the votre gateau.fr site does not offer vegan cakes, or lactose-free or egg-free cakes.

The ingredients used for the recipe are not organic ingredients.

The prices offered by this company which makes its cakes in its workshops in Germany and delivers them to France are quite affordable and the designs are varied and original.

They even offer a small plastic figurine on most of their cakes with the effigy of the children's favorite characters.

We tested the delivery and received our cake in 3 days which is very good.

The taste of vosgateau.fr products is also very good, but perhaps a little too sweet for some people.

3- Gateaucreateur.fr comes in third position because we have discovered very beautiful models there.

They even offer models with a drip effect, that is to say with a syrup running down the sides.

Their sponge cake and the ganaches composing their cakes seem of very good quality and airy which many will appreciate.

The only negative point is that we have not been able to find on Gateau Createur .f r any vegan option, without lactose, without milk or without allergens.

The ingredients also appear not to be organic ingredients.

The prices are quite correct although a little higher than the second in the ranking, Your gateau.fr.

This is explained however, because Gateaucreateur.fr decorates its cakes by hand and in sugar paste instead of doing it by food impression.

4- Leclerc cakes come in fourth position and will suit those looking for the cheapest option

Leclerc pastries are scattered all over France so it will be very easy for you to get one of their cake.

One of the aspects that we did not like is that they are not really tiered birthday cakes, that is to say composed alternately of a layer of ganache and sponge cake, but rather four-quarter type cakes. covered with a sugar paste representing the characters loved by children.

If you are looking for a more traditional cake, that is, a tiered cake, you will be better served by other sites.

Another negative point is that the Leclerc pastry shop does not deliver to your home, so you will have to pick up your cake directly from Leclerc.

Ultimately, we were unable to find an organic, gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free alternative at Leclerc, so they won't be suitable for people looking for an allergen-free alternative for their birthday party.

5- This fifth winning website is lultime.fr and is a bit special because it actually only offers one model which they call the ultimate in reference to the fact that it is allegedly one of the best cakes in the world. world. We like the concept and are even a little curious.

We have tried to order it but stocks seem to be exhausted at the moment, however the pictures look very appetizing and the fact that it was designed by 4 renowned pastry chefs makes us think it must be delicious.

The design of the cake is even impressive since it is covered with round lozenge and cocoa powder giving it a very chic effect.

However, deliveries are only possible in Paris and its region and not throughout France, which is a major obstacle to those who wish to order their product.

This fourth pastry is Gateau creation .fr not to be confused with Gateau createur .fr , the 3rd winner and offers a number of original products with a fairly large catalog that should suit the most demanding.

Again, we did not find an organic or vegan alternative on this site.

The prices remain average but the photos seem mismatched which leads us to think that these are more examples of models than models that are regularly manufactured in the workshop.

This does not necessarily pose a problem because any confirmed pastry chef will know how to prepare cakes very easily.

Deliveries are ensured throughout France, but we were not able to test the state of arrival of the pastries. This is an important factor since poorly wrapped cakes can very easily spoil during delivery and be the source of a failed birthday party.

6- Thefrenchcakecompany.com is the 6th and last site and a Belgian site which also delivers in France, the models are very worked and very impressive.

The prices reflect the quality of the models since they are almost twice as expensive as the other sites on this list, but for those looking to wow the gallery, the options offered by The french cake company.com will be perfect.

Regarding allergens, these are traditional cakes and no organic, vegan and gluten-free options are offered.

We also ensure deliveries between Belgium and France since the long distances can damage the product if the packaging is not perfect and if the delivery company is not suitable for this type of package.

For example, DHL or UPS will be better able to deliver fresh cakes than Colissimo or Chronopost will be able to.

You will understand, for those looking for the best value for money and a traditional cake with allergens so neither vegan nor organic will be best served by the site Your gateau.fr

It does not offer a model decorated by hand, but rather models decorated by printing, it remains however a very good alternative.

For those who prefer a cake with organic and healthier ingredients like organic coconut oil or agave syrup, our website Biogato.fr is the best alternative.

And finally for those who prefer a cake containing eggs and animal products including milk and who prefers a handmade decoration with marzipan elements rather than a printed decoration, it will be Gateau Créateur. Fr which will be the best alternative.

Special mention :

La Romainville .fr is very suitable if you are looking for a traditional strawberry or raspberry delivered to your home fairly quickly.

They are not organic, vegan or gluten free, but they are delicious!

We know it from having tested them, Romainville .Fr is a competent pastry shop you can count on.

However, deliveries are made in fresh packages for most cakes, so you will need to calculate precisely when you want to be delivered or have a very large fridge to store the cake.

They are not tiered cakes but rather traditional models like operas and pear trees and many models are coated and surrounded by broken nuts so not really suitable for people looking for an allergen free cake.

The ingredients are not from organic farming and contain animal products such as dairy products, cream, eggs and gluten.

La Romainville. Fr will therefore not be the ideal choice for those who are looking for an original birthday cake with the image of television characters, for example for a children's birthday or who are looking for a cake without eggs, without allergens and vegan or organic.