Top 10 of the best La Romainville cakes!

La Romainville is an online pastry shop based in the Paris region that delivers delicious traditional cakes to your home. Some of their models are delivered to you frozen in fresh packages by chronofresh, Chronopost's new food delivery service, or at room temperature ready to be tasted.

Among their most popular models, we find the "bingo" model with a golden sugar ball or the traditional strawberry and raspberry filled with creamy and gourmet cream. For corporate parties, some prefer a pear tree or a favorite coconut mocha cake.

We tested our colleague's service and are very satisfied with it despite the fact that he does not offer a vegan, organic and gluten-free alternative.

Let me introduce myself first, Anaïs editor of the blog, I will now present to you the top 10 of the best Romainville cakes in Île-de-France that I have been able to try.

1- the timeless strawberry plant.

My favorite and the one that comes out on top is definitely the tiered strawberry plant.

It is simply delicious and filled with heavy cream and pieces of fresh strawberries.

La Romainville could not deliver this one to me, so I went to pick it up in one of their physical pastry shops in Gennevilliers. I ordered it on their site, it was ready the next day at Romainville in Gennevilliers.

2- The intense raspberry tree.

The raspberry offered by Romainville comes second. I was tempted to put it in first position, but the thick cream with which it is filled cannot counterbalance the acidity of the raspberries. This is possible in the strawberry plant, because strawberries are less acidic than raspberries.

That being said, don't hesitate to try the raspberry which is also delicious. I also want to mention that the pastry chefs of Romainville have probably adjusted the taste of the raspberry sponge cake compared to that of the strawberry because it seems sweeter to me. Maybe they did this to fix the acidity problem.

Maybe it's just in my head!

3- the pear tree

When we think of the most delicious cakes, we don't necessarily think of the Pear tree, but that's a mistake. The one I received from Romainville de Herblay really pleased me. Unlike other cakes, it is less sweet with a more subtle taste. Pears are incorporated into the cream in very small pieces unlike strawberries from the strawberry plant, because the pear pieces are more solid and crunchy so must be cut into smaller cubes. We can see that the pastry chefs have thought about the texture in the mouth when preparing the recipe.

4- chocolate opera

The Chocolate Opera and the fourth on our list. The one offered by Romainville de Rillieux is simply to die for! The many layers of chocolate alternate between dark chocolate, white chocolate and thin layers of crunchy cookie creating a wonderful semi-crunchy sensation with every bite.

I asked Romainville customer service to add a personalized white chocolate message to the cake itself and the effect was perfect.

So a big thank you to Romainville de Rillieux!

5- the Bingo cake

This model was delivered to us frozen in fresh packages, however this did not affect the taste.

It's a delicious chocolate cake reminiscent of a chocolate and coffee dessert with less layers and topped with golden sugar balls giving it its name.

It is rectangle and it is to Romainville de Morangis that we owe this magnificent creation.

For taste, like I said, it's not a fondant or creamy type cake, it's more of a layer cake like a mille-feuille, but all chocolate.

6- the perfect Mocha

This one lives up to its name since it was perfect for our company meeting!

You can feel the coconut in the ingredients and the layer of coffee cream made it a perfect choice to accompany a good latte or espresso.

We were able to order this one online on and it was Romainville de Nanterre that delivered it to us.

7- Lemon meringue pie

For fans, like me, of a good lemon meringue pie, you should go to "la Romainville" in Saint-Michel.

The one I went to pick up was a real delight.

Unlike some lemon meringue pies which cannot measure the amount of sugar in the meringue to compensate for the acidity of the lemon, that of Romainville accomplishes this baking feat to perfection.

I hate pies where the meringue is too soft or even worse, runny.

That of Romainville is solidified exactly as it should, so it does not resist to the bite but keeps a pleasant texture in the mouth.

I also appreciated the additional effort of the pastry torch on the cream to give it a golden appearance.

8- the caramel cake

It was at Romainville de Chelles that I first discovered this caramel cake. You might imagine, I couldn't resist.

Verdict: It is excellent, as good as you would expect from a caramel and salted butter cake.

I don't have much to add on this one except that if you have the opportunity to try it, go to Chelles to discover it in the windows of Romainville.

9- the Black Forest

The Black Forest is traditionally prepared with cherries, but the one I am presenting to you today was prepared for me by Romainville de Servon with raspberries.

Milk cream goes perfectly with dark chocolate and chocolate shavings. I was pleasantly surprised by this original Black Forest with raspberries.

10- caramel pastries

I'm cheating a bit, it's not exactly a cake, but rather caramel pastries, but I absolutely wanted to mention them, because after my visit to Romainville in Clichy-sous-Bois, I can't resist!

I have tasted several caramel pastries at Romainville in Clichy-sous-Bois, their chocolate and caramel éclairs as well as their caramel roll are real delicacies.